Cassida – Currency Counter

Cassida's 5510 UV currency counters are sophisticated yet simple to operate money processing machines.

Cassida 5510 UV currency counter makes an invaluable aid in banks, retail stores, groceries, car washes, gas stations, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, movie theaters and any other cash intensive environment

    • Maximum counting accuracy for currency stacks of less than 100 bills ensured by technological advance.
    • Accurately detects counting errors. ​​
    • Intuitive and easy to operate regardless of the user’s experience with bill counters.
    • Auto-start function streamlines cash processing operations.
    • Quiet operation.
    • Lightweight and compact.

    Brand: Cassida

    Model: 5510UV

    Grade: Business

    Rated Power: < 80

    Rated Voltage: 220V

    Rated Frequency: 50Hz

    Operational Modes: Count, Batch, Add, Add + Batch

    Bill Loading Style: Back Loader

    Counting Speed: 1,300 Bills per Minute


      • Hopper: 100 Bills
      • Stacker: 100 Bills

    Batch, Notes: 1 – 100

    Count error detections: DBL, SD, HLF and Chain

    Counterfeit detection: UV

    Display Type: LED, 4/3

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