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Model no: 5520UV/MG
ALU: 9221

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Cassida – Currency Counter (5520UV/MG)

  • Advanced money counting combined with counterfeit detection for an all-in-one cash processing solution!
  • Counts up to 1,300 bills a minute to make quick work of any cash amount. 
  • ValuCount™ uses the selected denomination to calculate the total monetary value of bills counted. Functions include Count, Add, Batch and Add with Batch modes too.
  • Ultraviolet sensors check for counterfeit bills and stop counting with an alert if a suspect bill is detected. The UV/MG model includes magnetic ink detection as well for an extra layer of security.
  • Infrared detectors ensure that bills are counted accurately and avoid errors such as chains, double bills, and half notes.
  • A bill counter with dual LED screens allows for the easy display of multiple counts. This is especially useful when using the Add mode to keep a running tally of all bills counted. One screen will display the grand total count of bills while the other will show the total for the current count.

Multi-Currency Count & Detection

  • Accurate and reliable bill counting, regardless of currency condition.
  • Sensors adjustment to different currencies at the push of a button with control panel sensitivity settings (service mode).

Constant Count Quality

  • Engineered for performance and designed for streamlined maintenance
  • High-quality construction ensures reliability
  • Effective and dependable motor ensures fast, failure-free counting.
  • Anti-static system allows counting in low humidity surroundings.
  • Waterproof and anti-dust panel prevents moisture build-up and button sticks

Value Calculation and More

  • Calculate the total value and the total number of bills counted for each single denomination
  • You can track counts of different denominations by counting each denomination separately and calculate a grand total by using ValuCount™ and add mode. (It does not have value recognition and can therefore not be used for mixed denominations)

Cashier Comforts

  • Any Suspect bill is left on top of the counted bill stack and not included in the total sum.
  • Quiet Operation


      • Counting speed: 1,300 Bills per Minute
      • Bootloader capacity: 100 banknotes
      • The capacity of the banknote store: 100
      • Display: Dual LED Screens 
      • Packing size: 1-999 / 10,50,100 banknotes
      • Power supply voltage: 220 VAC 50Hz
      • Power consumption: <70 Watts
      • Shipping weight: 5 kg
      • Dimensions (in the package): 175X240X295 mm


    Operating modes:

      • Automatic / manual mode;
      • Conversion mode;


    Filling mode;

      • Summation mode;
      • Summation and packing mode.


    Detection modes:

      • UV ultraviolet detection;
      • High-speed dual detection;
      • Detection of integrity of banknotes;
      • Detection of a chain of banknotes;
      • Detection by size


    Ideal application:

      • Recalculation of average volume of banknotes;
      • Client area of the bank;
      • Office;

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