Agnite – Sit-Up Bar

Sit-up foot holder

Brand: Agnite

Model: R092

Color: Black

Suction Diameter: Ø124mm (4.9”)

Product Length: 274mm (10.8”)

Adjustable Height:

    • First Gear: 157mm (6.2”)
    • Second Gear: 172mm (6.8”)
    • Third Gear: 187mm (7.4”)

Material: ABS + NBR + TPE + Steel


    • Home exercise.
    • Single-pole shape.
    • TPE material suction cup.
    • Three height adjustment.
    • Soft and Comfortable form.
    • Strong suction at the bottom.


Be note: This product is suitable for smooth and strong planes, with seamless wooden floors, ceramic tiles, and marble. Uneven ground may affect the suction force.

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