Bestway – Air Bed

DreamChaser Airbed (Teddy Bear)

Brand: Bestway

Model: 67712

Color: Assorted Color

Material: Flocked surface

Suitable for Kids: 3+

Dimension (W x D x H):

    • Centimeter (cm): 109 x 188 x 89cm
    • Inch (”): 43” x 74” x 35”
    • Feet (’) Inch (”): 3’7” x 6’2” x 2’11”


    • Single Air Bed.
    • Comfortable flocked sleeping surface.
    • The back of the teddy bear can also double as a backrest.
    • The recessed-center structure of this airbed makes safety a priority.
    • Kids will have fun and get a great night’s sleep with the Up In & Over.
    • This design provides a secure area for kids to sleep without fear of roll-off

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