Set Includes:

#44821 - Sandwich Maker – X1

    • Non-Stick
    • Brand: A-Value
    • Model: USW-127
    • Color: Black


    #45351 – Popcorn Maker  – X1

      • Fun & Taste P´Corn Easy
      • Brand: Cecotec
      • Model: 4259
      • Color: Red

            #44821 - Sandwich Maker


            Brand: A-Value

            Model: USW-127

            Color: Black

            Rating Power: 750W

            Rating Voltage: 220V

            Rating Frequency: 50Hz


              • Non-stick Coating.
              • Indicator Lights.
              • Can be stored vertically for compact storage. 


            #45351 – Popcorn Maker

            Fun & Taste P´Corn Easy

            Brand: Cecotec

            Model: 4259

            Color: Red

            Rated Power: 1200W

            Rated Voltage: 220 – 240V

            Rated Frequency: 50Hz

            Removable Bowl: Yes

            Dishwasher Safe: Yes

            Warranty: 12 months


              • Healthy popcorn maker, operates through hot air injection, fast and fun.
              • 1200-W healthy popcorn maker. Oil and butter-free.
              • Operates through hot air injection. Healthy popcorn for the whole family.
              • The donut-shaped removable container is placed in the machine in such way that popcorn are carefully introduced in it and cooked as they come out.
              • Perfect design: The top part is transparent, for you to clearly see the popcorn’s cooking process.
              • Removable lid and non-stick inside material for easy cleaning. Dishwasher-safe components.
              • 80 gr of homemade popcorn ready in only 3 minutes.
              • User-friendly: Does not need to be previously heated in the microwave, prepares popcorn in just one touch.
              • You can either enjoy natural flavour of popcorn, or try with new flavours such as chocolate, caramel, cheese, cinnamon or butter when popcorn is prepared.
              • Compact, easy to transport and store design thanks to its detachable parts. Perfect for home, work, anywhere…

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