Cable Matters – USB 3.0 Extension Cable

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Extension Cable

    • The Cable Matters SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Extension Cable is an indispensable accessory to extend an existing USB cable.
    • Bring your USB peripherals within reach from behind the desk or across the room.
    • Rely on SuperSpeed USB 3.0 technology while maintaining compatibility with existing USB 2.0/1.1 devices and ports.

USB Port Saver

    • Reduce the strain on the USB ports on your valuable host equipment from constant unplugging.
    • Simply plug in the extension cable when needed to connect to a cable from the rear of a computer tower or extend the reach of a gaming console to the couch.

Universal USB 3.0 & 2.0 Compatibility

    • Keyboard & Mouse
    • USB Hub
    • Wireless USB Adapter
    • VR Headset
    • USB Flash Drive
    • Card Reader
    • Hard Drive
    • Printer
  • High performance USB extension cord extends the connection between a computer or Windows tablet and both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 peripherals including VR headsets HMD, hard drives, USB hubs, mice, keyboards, flash drives, printers, and more.
  • Upgrade to SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and future-proof your data transfer rate while maintain backwards compatibility with your existing USB 2.0 devices using this USB cable extender.
  • Enjoy SuperSpeed USB 3.0 data transfer rate at up to 5 Gbps, 10x faster than USB 2.0 with this USB male to female extension cable; Perfect male to female USB cable for Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, PlayStation VR, Valve Index, Microsoft HoloLens VR headsets
  • Premium USB extender cable engineered with molded strain relief connectors for durability and grip treads for easy plugging and unplugging; Connect this USB charger extension cord to a USB charging cable to fast charge a smartphone or tablet such as the iPhone.
  • The combination of gold-plated connectors, bare copper conductors, and foil & braid shielding provides superior cable perfor.mance and error-free data transmission via USB cable extension

Brand: Cable Matters

Color: Assorted Color

Length: 3 Feet

USB 3.1 Gen 1 Data Transfer Rate:

    • Up to 5 Gbps data transfer rate
    • Delivers 10x the data of USB 2.0
    • Backwards compatible with USB 2.0/1.x

Built to Last

    • Gold-plated connectors
    • Molded strain relief for frequent use
    • Flexible and strong cable

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