Cecotec - Hair Dryer

Bamba IoniCare 6000 RockStar Ice

Brand: Cecotec

Model: 4227

Color: Black

Rated Power: 1800W

No. of Speeds: 3 (Low / Medium / High)

No. of Temperatures: 3 (Low / Medium / High)

Foldable Handle: No

Cable Length: 1.8m

Accessories Includes:

    • Diffuser – x1
    • Narrow Concentrator Nozzle – x1
    • Normal Concentrator Nozzle – x1

Warranty: 12 Months Warranty


    • Its two professional concentrator tips help define and smooth the hair.
    • The hair dryer includes a diffuser designed to achieve more natural, frizz-free curls.
    • Includes professional accessories easy to exchange thanks to their magnetic attachment.
    • Ionic hair dryer with Digital Brushless motor that makes it more efficient, powerful, silent and light.
    • Extreme Protect function: Special function that takes care of your hair through automatic oscillating temperature.
    • 6 temperature and speed settings allow you to adjust airflow and temperature for complete control while drying all hair types.
    • Air Repair technology to hydrate hair as you use it. It improves its look and avoids the damage that normally occurs when heat is applied to the hair.
    • The digital motor has 17 leaves that generate an inaudible frequency which makes it quieter than other hair dryers equipped with another type of motor.
    • The life of the device increases thanks to the fact that we have eliminated the soft bristles of the digital motor, avoiding the wear that these produce on the device.
    • Smart heat control. It includes a state-of-the-art thermostat that measures the air temperature and sends the information to the microprocessor to intelligently control the temperature to prevent damage caused by uncontrolled extreme heat.


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