Cecotec - Hair Dryer

Bamba IoniCare 6000 RockStar Vision

Brand: Cecotec

Model: 4225

Color: Dark Grey

Rated Power: 2000W

Warranty: 12 Months Warranty


    • The Brushless Digital Motor optimises drying power with a steady air flow.
    • The ion generator enhances the hair’s natural brightness, leaves it shiny, reduces static electricity and reduces hair frizz.
    • Cool shot function: maintains hairstyles for longer and results in more professional looks.
    • Its 5 temperature and speed settings adapt air flow and temperature, allowing total control whilst drying all types of hair.
    • Includes diffuser accessory for greater volume and more defined curls, and a concentrator head for defining hairstyles and straightening hair.
    • LCD display: it shows the ionizing function and operating temperature for a complete control of the drying process.
    • Brushless Digital Motor: This hair dryer is light and silent. Friction is reduced, noise is decreased and is weight is lightened as bristles are removed.
    • The cutting-edge Brushless Digital Motor is much more powerful and efficient, it is capable of generating greater air flows and of making the most out of its power, reducing the time required to dry hair.

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