Cecotec – Iron

Fast&Furious 8010 Vital

Brand: Cecotec

Model: 5532

Color: Black/Blue

Rated Power: 2400W

Water Tank Capacity: 2 Liter

Automatic Water Pump: Yes

Front spray: No

Vertical Steam: Yes

Bar Pressure: 6 Bar

Steam Burst: 360g / min

Continuous Steam: 125g / min

Soleplate:  Ceramic Turbo Slide soleplate

Anti-Drip: Yes (Avoids the iron from leaking condensed water drops and from staining clothes)

Cyclo Clean self-clean system: Yes (Avoids limescale from building up and ensures a long-term high steam performance)

Warranty: 12 Months Warranty


    • Anti-drip system for clean results without water spots.
    • Automatic water pump that improves your ironing experience.
    • 360 g/min burst of steam that finishes all the creases in a single pass.
    • Ultra-powerful steam station which, thanks to its pressure of 6 bars, is able to manage the most difficult folds.
    • Eliminate limescale stains and enjoy your steam generator for years thanks to its Cyclo Clean self-cleaning system.
    • Thanks to its 125 g/min of continuous steam, you will obtain excellent results, as if it were a professional ironing center.
    • Powerful and compact steam generator with 2400 W. Fast heating of the iron and simple and efficient ironing are guaranteed.
    • Turbo Slide ultra-slippery ceramic soleplate which, thanks to the homogeneous distribution of steam and heat, saves time during ironing.

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User Manual

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