Cecotec – Spice Grinder

Electrical coffee and spices grinder with titanium-coated blades and 2 interchangeable containers, for milling and mashing/grinding. Maximum capacity of 90 g and safety system.

    • Grinder with 100 % stainless-steel body and tank, 300 W.
    • Blades coated with titanium that offer greater hardness and keeps them sharpened for longer than conventional ones.
    • 2 in 1, grinds or minces/mashes by just changing the tank.
    • Includes container for the grinding function, with 2 flat blades with titanium that can easily grind dry ingredients such as pepper, spices, seeds, salt etc.
    • Includes a second container for the mincing and mashing function, with 4 blades with titanium which can easily mash wet ingredients such as nuts, aromatic herbs, garlic and small quantities of ginger, vegetables and meat.
    • Obtain different levels of grinding and mashing depending on the operating time, adjusting the product to your needs.
    • Maximum capacity of 90 g with measures to calculate amounts easily.
    • Includes a top transparent lid to allow you to control the level of grinding.
    • Security system that avoids the grinding function from activating if the lid is not properly placed, making it safe for children.
    • Easy to use, you can use it with just one hand.

            TitanMill 300 DuoClean

            Brand: Cecotec

            Model: 1559

            Color: Silver

            Capacity: 90g

            Rated Power: 300 W

            Blades material: Titanium coating

            Shred option: Yes

            Grind option: Yes

            Adjustable grinding degree: Yes

            Security system: Yes

            Warranty: 12 Months Warranty

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