Cecotec – Iron

3D ForceAnodized 750 Smart

Brand: Cecotec

Model: 5103

Color: Black/Blue

Rated Power: 3100W

LCD screen: Yes

Eco Mode: Yes

Self-Cleaning: Yes

Water Tank Capacity: 400ml

Continuous Steam: 65 g/min

Steam Boost: 200 g/min

Smart Auto OFF: Yes

Anti-Drip: Yes

Anti-Calc System: Yes

Warranty: 12 Months Warranty


    • Fast steam: technology that reduces heating time to a minimum.
    • Eco mode: save 40% energy without sacrificing power with the same results.
    • Intelligent compact ironing center that achieves excellent results in one pass.
    • UltraPower Technology: great power of 3100 W for fast, simple and efficient ironing.
    • PowerSteam: technology that generates a maximum continuous steam pressure of up to 65 g/min.
    • Vertical Steam: vertical steam that facilitates the ironing of garments such as jackets, obtaining a perfect result.
    • Ergonomic Design: modern and light design with an ergonomic handle to be able to use it in a simple and agile way.
    • Large 400 ml tank with transparent window. Iron all the laundry without having to refill the tank or stop unnecessarily.
    • Precision Tip: precision tip that helps to eliminate even the most inaccessible wrinkles, offering agile and comfortable ironing.
    • Anti-Drip System: anti-drip system that prevents the iron from emitting drops of condensed water and leaving marks on the clothes.
    • Smart AutoOFF: security system that automatically turns off the iron when it is still for 30 seconds horizontally and 8 minutes vertically.
    • AnodizedSlide: anodized aluminum sole that generates an ultra-slip movement, anti-scratch and with greater durability. Up to three times more resistant than conventional soles.
    • Intelligent Total Control: intuitive and innovative temperature control with LCD screen. It has 4 different ironing programs that adjust the temperature according to the type of fabric.
    • BurstSteam System: 200 g/min steam boost that helps remove the most difficult wrinkles by penetrating into the heart of the fabric. You will get high quality results and a professional finish.
    • Micro Steam System: the soleplate of the iron has more than 300 microholes that help distribute the generated steam evenly. Designed with 100% functional holes to generate a larger vapor area.
    • 3D Steam System: double-layer soleplate that doubles the heat intensity capacity, helping to distribute and retain it evenly along the entire surface. It has a great lightness to iron with maximum efficiency.
    • SelfClean System: self-cleaning function that removes traces of dirt and impurities accumulated inside the soleplate, avoiding possible clogging and/or leaks. Improves its performance and prolongs its useful life.
    • Anti-Calc System: filtering system that prevents limescale from accumulating and the iron maintains a high level of steam performance, extending its useful life. Thanks to this anti-limescale system you can enjoy effective ironing like the first day.

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