Cecotec – Knife Set

Santoku Ceramic-Coated Knives

Brand: Cecotec

Model: 1003

Color: Silver/Red

Thick Blade with Holes: 2mm

Material: AISI 420B Stainless Steel with high carbon content / Polypropylene handle.


    • 8” Yanagi-Ba Fillet Knife – X1
    • 7” Santoku chef's knife – X1
    • 4.75” Gyuto multipurpose knife – X1
    • 4.25” Deba chopping knife – X1


    • With safe polypropylene handles that facilitate cleaning and hygiene of the knife, in addition to its pleasant touch, no movement will be dangerous.
    • Corrosion resistance is key when designing knives for everyday use, and for this reason this product comes with the possibility of washing them in the dishwasher.
    • With a ceramic coating, ensures a clean cut without the meat, fish, vegetables or other food sticking to the knife when passing it through the cut. The combination of aerators and ceramic makes each cutting movement much more efficient and comfortable.
    • Made of AISI 420B type stainless steel, with a high percentage of carbon, it has great hardness and high resistance that means durable and strong knives. The edge is more durable given the properties of this steel, so you won't have to need to sharpen the knife as often.
    • This knife set features an Asian aesthetic line comprising 4 different types of knives. A large and thin knife, the Yanagi-ba, used to cut fish into thin sheets, the Santoku, a classic all-rounder chef's knife, a Gyuto knife that we can understand as multipurpose and a Deba chopping knife, wide, and with a great edge for the hardest and most complicated pieces.

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