Cecotec – Stand Fan

The EnergySilence 590 FreshEssence nebulizer fan features an innovative nebulizer technology that refreshes the environment with micro-particles of water. Enjoy a pleasant environment with maximum comfort.

  • Total Control: Air flow’s incidence angle can be adjusted.
  • Security System: Integral security system composed of the following elements:
    • Safety grid that does not allow Access to the blades.
    • Blades made of semisoft AS material, for greater security.
    • Great-surface robust and stable base which ensures total stability.
  • Easy to move: Easy to move and store thanks to its 4 multi-directional wheels.
  • Rotate Wind: Blade-oscillation mode that provides greater air flow angle and wider freshness area.
  • Energy Silence Technology: Creates an instant profound feeling of fresh air with maximum silence and comfort.
  • Adjustable Mist: Independently adapts water steam in order to create different environments at home or in your terrace.
  • Adjustable Mist: Independently adapts water steam in order to create different environments at home or in your terrace.
  • 3 Speed Function: Choose between 3 operating speeds (low-Night, medium-Eco and high-Turbo) in order to adjust airflow intensity to your needs.
  • 3 L Capacity: Thanks to its great-capacity 3-litre tank reaches up to a 12-hour autonomy of water steam, so you can enjoy the best environments during all day.
  • Fresh Essence: Nebuliser technology that refreshes the environment with water microparticles. Enjoy a pleasant environment with the best smell and maximum comfort.
  • Copper Engine: Exclusive motor, 100 % copper, high efficiency and durability, designed with TermoSafe security system which prolongs its shelf life and avoids incidences.
  • AirFlow5: Technology that consists of 5 great-diameter blades (40cm or 16”) to ensure maximum fresh airflow in the most efficient way. Maximum freshness and minimum consume.
  • Health & Safety: The fan complies with environmental safety and protection current legislation, so you can take care of your people and your environment.
  • Minimal Design: Careful minimalist design with elegant lines that adapt to your home decoration and turn into the ideal decoration element during warm seasons.
  • Cool Timer: Includes a 2-hour timer, and once the programmed time is over the fan automatically turns off, providing you with maximum comfort during its use while you save energy.

EnergySilence 590 FreshEssence

Brand: Cecotec

Model: 5217

Color: Black

Fan Diameter: 40cm (16")

Rated Power: 90W

Tank capacity: 3 Liter

Timer: 160 minutes (2 hours)

Remote Control: No

Oscillation: Yes

Motor: Copper

No. of Fan Blades: 5 Blades

No. of Speeds: 3 (Low, Medium & High)

Sound Level: 59 dB

Cable Length: 1.60m

Warranty: 12 Months Warranty

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