Cecotec – Hair Curly

Bamba SurfCare 800 Magic Waves Pro

Brand: Cecotec

Model: 4216

Color: White

Cable Length: 3m

Adjustable Temperature: 150 ºC to 210 ºC


    • The curling cylinder is coated with keratin and argan oil, which are transferred to hair during use. These keeps heair healthy, strong and shiny.
    • XL cylinder: Cylinder is longer than other conventional curling irons, therefore offers perfect curls twice as fast in just one go. Its large surface allows curling more hair and reaches roots better, all at once.
    • Professional curls: Using the curling iron vertically allows curling hair professionally and evenly. Its settings also allow total control over temperature resulting in long-lasting, defined and hydrated curls.
    • The curling iron’s handle allows a much easier and safer use, avoiding contact with the heating element.
    • Its IonProtec system and ionizing function make your hair shine and hydrates it, for perfect and durable curls. Negative ions avoids your hair from being frizzy, make it look much healthier and prevents ends from splitting.
    • Automatic curling iron includes memory function, that allows saving exact settings used previously for a fast and simple day-to-day use.
    • Its 3-direction curling system allows curling hair towards your face, in opposite direction or alternating, resulting in more natural and amazing looks.
    • Its adjustable temperature (150 ºC-210 ºC) and 4 preset positions makes it suitable for all types of hair. Create different hairstyles with waves or curls.
    • This automatic curling iron designed by Cecotec operates by heating fast and evenly its cylinder, therefore is ready in just 30 seconds. Prepare your hairstyle whenever you want.
    • Its cable is 3-m long and counts on 360º system for you tou use it freely. It also includes a resistant ring to hang it when not in use.
    • It includes an auto-off system that turns the curling iron off after 30 minutes of no use, avoiding excessive heat and lengthening its service life.
    • Auto-stop and auto-stop warning. Our curling iron features an alarm that warns you when the curl is ready, for you to enjoy perfect curls and avoiding tangles.

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