Cecotec – Vacuum Cleaner

Forget about old cleaning systems, we have created the ultimate bagless multicyclonic vacuum cleaner. Ultrasilent and incredibly efficient, 3AAA.

Designed with an unbelievable maximum power and minimum consumption, fascinating vacuuming. 3.5-litre maximum capacity and exclusive high-efficiency filter.

    • Multicyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner: maximum power, minimum consumption.
    • Energy efficiency class 3AAA: high performance and minimum consumption.
    • TimeCyclonic Pro: Keeps suction power thanks to its innovating cyclonic system with several simultaneous phases.
    • Ultrapower Technology: Maximum suction power for perfect results. Obtain results like those of a 3000-W conventional vacuum cleaners, 700-W consumption.
    • Animal Care: Pet hair specialist. Designed to live in harmony with your pets.
    • Ultrasilence System: Silent vacuuming technology, below 78 dB.
    • Purifies air: Professional air filtering with 5 phases and high-efficiency filter capable of removing 99.98 % of dust. Breathe completely clean air.
    • Smart Power regulation: Completely adjustable power suction, adapts to different requirements.
    • Turbo mode: for carpets and mats.
    • Eco mode: Save energy while cleaning hard floors.
    • High Speed AirBrush: Detachable rotary brush that removes the most difficult and deep dust in mats and carpets.
    • 3.5-litre great tank, hygienic and easy to empty.
    • Suitable for all types of surfaces thanks to its different accessories: Parquet, air brush, corners and garments.
    • Ergonomic System: light and handy. Metallic telescopic tube and automatic cord winder. Up to 9-meter operating radius.
    • Parking system that allows fixing the metallic tube in an upright position.
    • Eco-friendly: Minimum yearly consumption, saves energy and saves in your electricity bill.

        Conga EcoExtreme 3000

        Brand: Cecotec

        Model: 5068

        Color: Silver/Black

        Rated Power: 700W

        Energy efficiency: 3AAA

        Tank capacity: 3.5 liters

        Sound level: <78 dB

        HEPA filter: Yes

        TURBO mode: Yes

        ECO mode: Yes

        Animal Care: Yes

        Metal telescopic tube: Yes

        Parking position: Yes

        Automatic cable reel: Yes

        Action ratio: 8 - 9 meters

        Accessories: Air brush, parquet, corners and furniture

        Measurements: 41 x 27 x 31 cm

        Weight: 4.5 kg

        Warranty: 12 Months Warranty

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