Cecotec – Vacuum Cleaner

Conga Quick&Clean Vital

Brand: Cecotec

Model: 5791

Color: Black

Suction Power: 1400 Pa

Run Time: 160-min

Remote Control: Yes

Wi-Fi Connection: Yes  

Silent: <64 dB

4-in-1: Sweeps, Vacuums, Mops and Scrubs

No. of Programs: 6 (Auto, Edges, Manual, Room, Spiral and Back to Base)

No. of Power Levels: 3 (Eco, Normal, Turbo)

No. of Programs: 10 (Auto, Edge, Spiral, Twice, Restricted Area, Smart Area, Manual, Scrubbing, Back home, & Spot)

iTech 3.0: Yes (smart navigation for efficient cleaning)

iWater system: Yes (Three scrubbing modes such as High – perfect for deep scrubbing, Medium – perfect for everyday scrubbing and Low – perfect for light scrubbing)

Accessories Included:

    • Mops – x2
    • Side Brushes – x4
    • Jalisco Brush - x1
    • High-efficiency filters – x2
    • Mixed tank (solid and liquid) – x1
    • Multipurpose Brush (bristles and silicone) – x1
    • Charging base and power adapter – x1

Warranty: 12 Months Warranty


Click here for User Manual

User Manual

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