Cecotec – Mutlicooker

Multifunctional electric cooker that cooks for you any type of dish in record time. 24-hour programmable and 6-litre capacity.  Includes Eco mode and innovative Advance folding cover, more comfortable for pressure release.

19 different ways of cooking that will help you prepare starters, rice dishes, pasta, stews, fish, desserts… every recipe you can imagine.

    • Enjoy familiar meals thanks to its 6-litre capacity.
    • Eco mode, for you to save up to 50 % electricity when cooking.
    • 24-hour programmable: for you to enjoy freshly-cooked food when you get home.
    • 5 pressures: adjustable up to 90 kPa. Cook faster.
    • 11 temperatures: adjustable, up to 200 ºC. Cook any type of recipe.
    • Features heat and reheat function. Adapts to the user’s requirements.
    • Includes Excellence inner pot, extremely non-stick that performs optimum results.
    • It includes a full recipe book and access to the interactive social community and Cecotec weekly recipes.
    • LED display with ergonomic touch panel that allows perfect control of the cooking process.
    • Smart GMCore system: it adapts each recipe’s cooking process to the amount of food, no matter if its 1 or 15 servings.
    • Turbo, high-pressure cooking, steam, stew, low-heat cooking, poach, comfit, ferment, bread, dessert, rice, pasta, griddle, stir-fry, fry and oven bake.
    • Innovating Advance cover that releases pressure from cooking easily, avoiding splashes. Its folding lid allows you to stir food and to serve it easily, without staining.
    • Voice-guided control: in 6 languages and step by step: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and German.
    • Eprom memory that saves settings in case of power outage. 15 safety systems that ensure proper operation and allows the cooking pot to operate at high pressure without danger.

    Olla GM H

    Brand: Cecotec

    Model: 2032

    Color: Grey/Black

    Capacity: 6 Litre

    Rated Power: 1000W

    Temperature: Adjustable up to 200 ºC

    Pressures: Adjustable up to 90 kPa

    24-Hour Programmable: Yes


    • Excelsior non-stick inner pot – X1
    • Measuring cup – X1
    • Ladle – X1
    • Baking Tray – X1
    • Frying Basket – X1
    • Recipe Book – X1
    • User Guide – X1

    Dimensions: 35 x 33 cm

    Weight: 6.45 Kg

    Warranty: 12 Months Warranty

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