Cecotec – Ceiling Fan

EnergySilence Aero 580

Brand: Cecotec

Model: 5949

Color: Black/Brown

Diameter Size: 132cm (52”)

Rated Power: 70W

No. of Blades: 3

No. of Speeds: 3 (Low/Medium/High)

No. of Modes: 2 (Summer/Winter)

Lamp: No

Motor: Copper

Timer: up to 8 hour

Remote Control: Yes

Warranty: 12 Months Warranty


    • You can choose from 3 speeds to set the intensity of the air circulation as you wish.
    • The timer allows you to select an operation for up to 8 hours, after which the fan will be turned off.
    • Convenient and simple operation thanks to the remote control, on which you can select the operation of the fan.
    • High power 70W, with a powerful copper motor that increases air circulation and the feeling of freshness, with maximum reliability and durability.
    • Large 52 inch (132 cm) diameter increases the distribution of fresh air in the room. System formed by 3 completely innovative and aerodynamic fan blades, designed to maximize air circulation and ensure a constant flow of fresh air.
    • By means of a switch, the direction of rotation of the blades is selected, in one direction in summer to generate a pleasant breeze and in the opposite direction in winter to drive the hot air concentrated on the ceiling towards the floor, perfect to complement your heating system.

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