Cecotec – ForceTitanium 450 Iron

ForceTitanium 450 steam iron, by Cecotec. 2600 W. Steam burst 180 g/min.  TitaniumSlide soleplate.  Continuous steam 45 g/min. Antiscale. Anti-drip. Autoclean.

400-ml large tank with transparent window. Iron all your clothes without having to stop to refill the tank.

Smart and powerful steam iron that achieves excellent results in just one go.

    • UltraPower Technology: very powerful, 2600 W for fast, simple and efficient ironing.
    • PowerSteam: technology that produces a continuous maximum-pressure steam of up to 45 g/min.
    • BurstSteam System: 180 g/min steam burst that penetrates tissue, removing the most stubborn creases. You will obtain high-quality results and professional finishings.
    • TitaniumSlide: maximum-resistance soleplate for perfect sliding over all types of clothing.
    • Anti-Drip System: avoids the iron from leaking condensed water drops and from staining clothes.
    • iTemp: automatic and smart control over temperature. Its temperature regulator with 3 positions allows you to adapt it to each fabric’s requirements.
    • Anti-Calc System: filtering system that avoids calc from building up and ensures a high steam performance, lengthening its service life. Enjoy the best ironing just as efficient as the first day.
    • SelfClean System: autoclean function that removes dust rests and impurities built up inside the soleplate, avoiding possible blockages or leakages. Improves its performance and lengthens its service life.
    • Precision Tip: helps removing the most inaccessible creases, offering agile and comfortable ironing.
    • Fast Steam: technology that reduces preheating time to minimum.
    • Vertical Steam: enables easier ironing of hung clothes such as jackets, ensuring perfect results.
    • Ergonomic Design: modern and light design with ergonomic handle for you to use it in the most simple and agile way.
    • Micro Steam System: the iron’s soleplate has micro holes that help distributing homogeneously the steam produced.
    • Easy filled: easy and comfortable water filling.

        ForceTitanium 450

        Brand: Cecotec

        Model: 5101

        Color: Blue/White

        Rated Power: 2600W

        Rated Voltage: 220-240V

        Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz

        Tank Capacity: 400ml

        Anti-Drip: Yes

        Antical: Yes

        Self-Cleaning: Yes

        Sole Type: TitaniumSlide

        Steam Blow: 180g / min

        Continuous Steam: 45g / min

        Warranty: 12 Months

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