Cecotec – Pressure Washer

Enjoy the HidroBoost 3200 InductionPro high pressure cleaner and its great power of 3200 W with brushless induction motor and copper and zinc head.

It cleans many surfaces quickly and efficiently thanks to its strong pressure, up to 225 bar (22.5 MPa) and its high maximum flow rate of 540 l / h (9 l / min).

It incorporates a highly reliable aluminum pump for long usage times. Its radius of action of up to 14 meters allows a comfortable use that, together with the specific nozzles and the turbo nozzle, offers multiple applications.

    Clean faster than ever:

      • Maximum flow of 540 litres/hour, allows cleaning wider surfaces in less time.
      • Cleaning your car or your terrace now will be faster than ever.

    Efficacy and reliability:

      • Quietly use the pressure washer during intensive cleaning periods thanks to its powerful, high-performance induction motor with aluminum and zinc head and brushless technology.
      • In addition, like the rest of the HidroBoost range, it also has an aluminum pump to increase reliability and allows longer use times than ordinary pumps thanks to less fatigue.

    Goodbye to the most embedded dirt:

      • The HidroBoost 3200 InductionPro allows the most difficult dirt to be removed thanks to its powerful maximum pressure that generates up to 225 bar.
      • Stone walls, ceramic floors (outdoor), garden furniture, field tools ... goodbye dirt, hello cleaning!

    Foamy soap to clean the car:

      • It includes a special bottle for soap (specific for vehicle washing) that generates a dense and durable foam ideal for the car and removes the most incrusted dirt easily.
      • Enjoy watching the dirt disappear without difficulty!

    Clean the most difficult areas:

      • The HidroBoost 3200 InductionPro includes a special brush that, thanks to its triangular shape and its wide surface of smooth and effective bristles, is perfect for accessing the most complicated corners and joints such as the car grill.

    Always clean tires:

      • Can't remove the dirt from the tires? Now it is possible to have the car tires always clean thanks to the special brush with resistant bristles that clean in 360 degrees thanks to its distribution.

    Clean the floor without splashing:

      • With the accessory that incorporates the HidroBoost 3200 InductionPro pressure washer, especially for floors, you can clean large surfaces in a comfortable and clean way.
      • With a double rotating nozzle, it is possible to clean stone terraces, patios, pool curbs, balconies and wooden surfaces safely thanks to its cover that prevents splashing.

    Nozzles for everything:

      • Every application is different, that's why the HidroBoost 3200 InductionPro incorporates special nozzles that adjust to each use.
      • With the red nozzle the water comes out at 0º with maximum pressure, ideal for specific applications on cement or metal.
      • The orange is special for intense cleaning of small areas that resist high pressures (15º).
      • Green is intended for surfaces that withstand medium pressure (25º) and white for larger areas or general cleaning tasks such as the car (40º).

    Enjoy cleaning freely, even on the go:

      • You can clean by moving comfortably thanks to its large range of up to 14 meters. Thus, you can focus on the pleasure of seeing the dirt disappear without having to worry about constantly moving the pressure washer.

    Top reel always connected:

      • No more having to pick up and wind the high pressure hose thanks to the upper reel.
      • Through its crank you can easily collect the high pressure hose that is directly connected to the pump to always maintain maximum pressure. Plus, along with its oversized wheels and handle, carrying it is an easy task.

    Clean in turbo mode:

      • For large surfaces, where dirt is heavily encrusted, the 3DTurboFlip nozzle is especially effective as the water is distributed in a spiral jet, combining the power of the high impact direct jet and the efficiency of the spray jet.

    HidroBoost 3200 Induction Pro

    Brand: Cecotec

    Model: 5405

    Color: Grey/Black

    Rated Power: 3200 W

    Maximum pressure: 225 bar

    Maximum flow: 540 l / h

    Action ratio: 14 m


      • Floor accessory.
      • Soap bottle.
      • Special wheel brush.
      • Special brush together.
      • 8 meter high pressure hose.
      • x4 UltraJet nozzle tips (0-40º).
      • 3DTurboFlip mouthpiece.
      • Nozzle cleaning kit.
      • Manual

    Dimension: 40 x 39 x 96.5cm

    Weight: 29.6 kg

    Warranty: 12 Months Warranty

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