Cecotec – Food Processor

Mambo 8590

Brand: Cecotec

Model: 4139

Color: Black

Capacity (Steel Jug): 3.3 Liter

Rated Motor Power: 700W

Rated Heating Power: 1000W

Total Power: 1700W

Rated Voltage: 200-240 V

Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Control Type: Knob/Touch

Timer: Up to 12 hours

Temperature Range: 37° - 120°C

Wi-Fi Connection (Mambo App): No

Dishwasher Safe (Accessories Only): Yes

No. of Functions: 30 Functions (Chop, mince, juice, mash, stir-fry, grind, pulverize, grate, reheat, beat, yoghurt, whip, emulsify, mix, cook, stir, steam, poach, comfit, knead, simmer, boil, keep warm, ferment, Slow Mambo, precision cooking degree by degree, Bain Marie, slow cooking, speed 0-10 and turbo)

Material: Plastic + Stainless Steel

Accessories Included:

    • Stainless Steel Jar – x1
    • Boiling Basket – x1
    • Two-Tier Steamer – x1
    • Silicone Spatula – x1
    • Mambo mix Spoon – x1
    • Butterfly Whisk – x1

Warranty: 12 Months Warranty


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