Cecotec – Hair Straightener

Bamba RitualCare 900 Wet & Dry Max is designed for use on both wet and dry hair. Wet, it removes excess water through steam vents specifically designed to finish drying and straightening at the same time. Dry, they straighten the most stubborn hair without drying or breaking it.

    • Keratin protective: The coating of this flat iron incorporates Keratin and Argan oil microconditioners that provide flexibility and vitamin E to the hair, to leave your hair shiny, soft and strong.
    • ProIonizer: RitualCare 900 Wet & Dry's negatively charged ions remove static electricity, conditioning hair and smoothing the hair cuticle for a shiny, frizz-free finish.
    • XL plates: 55-mm wide plates for straightening thicker hair sections.
    • 3D floating plates: It has floating plates to achieve a constant contact between plates and lock, with this you achieve that the straightening is optimal and takes maximum care of the hair, reducing exposure to heat.
    • Steady and even temperature, 210 ºC. Optimum temperature for straightening thick and abundant hairs.
    • 3-m cord with 360º system. Avoids the cord from tangling and allows using it with complete freedom of movement.
    • Built-in lock plates lock system for easy storage and the plates do not damage.
    • Designed with cool ends for you to use it comfortably and to ensure perfect straightening after each use.

        Bamba RitualCare 900 Wet & Dry

        Brand: Cecotec

        Model: 4214

        Color: Black

        Rated Power: 55W

        Rated Voltage: 100 – 240V

        Coating: Keratin with Argan oil

        Hair type: Thick and plentiful

        Temperature: 210ºC

        Temperature selector: Yes

        Ionizing function: Yes

        Floating plates: Yes

        Warranty: 12 Months Warranty

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