CH&Q – Shower Curtain Rod

Brand: CH&Q

Model: AA09-1

Color: White

Material (Rod): Metal

Material (Joints): Plastic

Size (Optional):

    • U-Shape: 80 X 80 X 80CM
    • L-Shape: 80 X 80CM or 80 X 160CM
    • Straight Line: 80CM or 160XM or 240CM


    • For bathroom use.
    • Strong Steel construction.
    • Adjustable into different shape and size (L-Shape, U-Shape and Straight Line)
    • Requires drilling holes in the wall to screw into the mounting element.
    • Includes: 2 Corner Joints, 2 Straight Joints and 2 Brackets.


Note: We have Shower Curtains that is compatible with this Shower Curtain Rod.

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