Chahua – Fresh Keeping Bag

Anbers Antimicrobial Food Storage Bag (200 Pieces)

Brand: Chahua

Model: 304006

Color: Clear

Size: 30 x 20cm

Material: PE Plastic

Temperature Resistance: -20 °C -100 °C


    • Freeze & microwave available.
    • Pre-cut design makes it easy to tear every time.
    • Made of PE material, it is safe and strong enough to resist rips and tears from stretch, grip, and seal.
    • Ag+ additive helps to inhibit 99% of E.coli and S.aureus and keeps the bacteria away from your food.
    • Holds self-serve items such as fresh fruit, vegetable, candy, and bread loaves and vegetables storage.
    • Works with all clamp-style suction vacuum sealer machines for a secure airtight seal. Or knot for Moisture-proof and pest-proof use.

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