Comfort Love – Baby Diaper (Extra Large)

24 Pieces per Packet

Model: Extra Large

Size: 15+ Kg (EXTRA LARGE)


    • Silky Tissue: Genuine soft silky tissue of Comfort Love absorbs the liquid, immediately and passes it down to the green layer unique to Comfort Love.
    • Fast absorbing distribution system: The liquid is distributed in the diaper after being absorbed by the green layer unique to comfort love and blocked within the diaper. As a result, your baby’s skin is always kept dry.
    • Anti-leak barriers: These barriers that are produced of waterjet nonwomen provide extra precaution against leaks even when your baby is moving.
    • Adjustable hook and loop bands: You can adjust your baby’s diaper and control it many time. Velco elastic bands provides maximum comfort in the movement of your baby and do not get affected by water, oil or powder.
    • Textile back sheet, exterior surface: The special textile back sheet exterior surface makes the Comfort Love diapers more comfortable.
    • Day and night full protection: Thanks to all these features, you can trust and use safely Comfort Love diaper day and night.

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