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Model no: AVX912AKIT
Brand: AVTECH 
ALU: 4717677473872 
Color: WHITE

  • Rf29500

Avtech  Convertor Coaxial A Ethernet 400m 12vdc (AVX912AKIT)

The AVTECH AVX912AKIT is an Ethernet Coaxial Converter Up to 400m 12vdc.

  • AVX912A kit includes two models, AVX912TP (transmitter) and AVX912RA (receiver), which constitutes an EOC (Ethernet over Coaxial) converter capable of signal conversion, so that users can get network functionality through system existing coaxial wiring.
  • This device is a suitable solution to improve the analog system to the current digital system with low installation costs.


Maintenance Case

By replacing your old or damaged analog camera with a new megapixel IP camera, you can use existing or replacement cable instead of rewiring with RJ45.


Case of Long Distance (100m ~ 400m)

While IP video is generally transmitted at just 100 meters, the AvTech AVX912Kit convertor offers a cost effective solution for distance extension.


AVX912KIT Functions

  • Distance up to 400 meters.
  • Led lights for diagnosis.

Power supply: DC12V / 1A

Dimensions (mm): 92 (L) x 69 (W) x 15 (H)

Power Consumption (± 10%): 2.2W

Operating Temperature: 10 ° C ~ 40 ° C / Storage: 0 ° C ~ 70 ° C

Connection of coaxial cable: 3C2V braids, 112 (up to 300 m), 128 / 5C2V braids (up to 400 m)

Interfaces: Coaxial port for Ethernet over coaxial cable / RJ-45 port LAN

LED Indications: Data Rate: Blue / Link: two-color (red / blue)

Transmission rate: 22Mbps

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