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Model no: 6650UV
ALU: 2000756900799

  • Rf8,49000

Cassida – Currency Counter (6650UV)

  • The counter of banknotes Cassida 6650 UV - the modified model with the expanded set of functions.
  • The updated design of the control panel allows the user to easily activate and deactivate parameters such as HLF (detection for integrity) and DBL (detection for duality).
  • The device has 2 modes of packing: installed and arbitrary.
  • Works with new and old banknotes at a rate of about 1000 banknotes per minute. For convenient operation, a remote display can be connected to the meter.


Detection capabilities

  • The counter of banknotes Cassida 6650 checks banknotes in the UV spectrum, as well as in size and density.
  • The device uses the technology of infrared inspection, which helps identify duplicate and glued from different parts of the banknote.
  • In recounting suspicious samples are always the top in the receiving pocket and are not included in the total bill.
  • Small and medium retail.
  • Convenient full-press button control panel;
  • Easy inclusion / deactivation of duality and integrity detection;
  • Reliable mechanical design;
  • Stable work with new and dilapidated bills without failures;
  • Adjustment of sensitivity of IR-sensors from the control panel;
  • Selection of the filling mode;
  • Sound indication and error display;
  • A non-standard mechanism for determining double notes and its ideal electronic setting provide a guarantee for catching a double bill.
  • When a double note is detected, the counter stops recounting, leaving banknotes in the loading pocket, thereby allowing the entire batch to be recounted without losing the total amount;
  • In case of detection of counterfeit, banknotes are automatically separated for further withdrawal;
  • At the touch of a "start" button, the account continues, excluding a counterfeit banknote from the general cash lot;
  • in counters Cassida 6650 UV the technology of infra-red detection is used, intended for as much as possible exact recognition of presence of doubled and glued from different parts of banknotes;


    • Counting speed: 1000 banknotes / min.
    • Bootloader capacity: 400 banknotes
    • The capacity of the banknote store: 300
    • Multicurrency: no
    • Sorting: no
    • UV Detection, Optical Density, Fit, Width
    • Mixed pack recalculation: no
    • LED Display
    • Display resolution, packing 4
    • Display count, count 3
    • Packing size: 1-999 / 10,20,25,50,100 banknotes
    • Power supply voltage: 220/50 W / Hz
    • Power consumption: 80 W
    • Shipping weight: 5 kg
    • Dimensions (in the package): 295x206x266 mm


Operating modes:

    • Automatic / manual mode;
    • Conversion mode;


Filling mode;

    • Summation mode;
    • Summation and packing mode.


Detection modes:

    • UV ultraviolet detection;
    • High-speed dual detection;
    • Detection of integrity of banknotes;
    • Detection of a chain of banknotes;
    • Detection by size


Ideal application:

    • Recalculation of average volume of banknotes;
    • Client area of ​​the bank;
    • Office;

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