Deli – Carton Sealer

Brand: Deli

Model: No: 0800

Color: Assorted Color

Suitable Tape:  (Width) less than 60mm x (Length) less than 200yards

Material: Plastic + Steel


    • Refillable and easy to use
    • Packing Tape Dispenser can be used to seal packages quickly, increasing productivity.
    • This dispenser is easy to load and use with 1 hand keeping your other hand free to hold packaging down.
    • Can be used on 60mm width tape, length 220 yard.
    • Made of superior material, wear-resistant and durable enough.
    • With high performance stainless steel blade, anti-rust and labor saving.
    • Special handle design perfectly fit your hands, comfortable to grip. Easy and convenient to clean when getting dirty.
    • Suitable for home and office.

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