Deli – Safe

Brand: Deli

Model: No.4042

Color: Grey

Material: Solid Steel

Interior Material: Leather

Lock Type: Electronic Key Pad

Dimension of Product (W x D x H):

    • Centimeter (cm): W 38 x D 34 x H 52cm
    • Inch (”): W 15” x D 13.4” x H 20.5”

Weight: 47 kg


    • High-quality steel plate armor protection, firm and reliable; micro-seam laser cutting, integral weld-free door frame, high-efficiency imitation structure.
    • High-strength steel door bolt, ring-type patented lock, multi-point locking.
    • Electronic lock, need electronic password to open.
    • Built-in alarm, 3 times wrong code or strong positive East immediately alarm, timely stop theft.

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