Deli Tools – Glue Gun

Hot Melt

Brand: Deli Tools

Model: DL402040

Color: Black

Rated Power: 40W

Cord Length: 1.5m

Glue Stick Diameter: Ø 7mm

Material: ABS Plastic

Product Size: 14 x 14.2cm


    • Drip-proof design
    • Aluminum alloy outlet, durable and anti-rust.
    • 3C certification safety line, safe and reliable.
    • Ceramic heating chip, constant temperature sol.
    • Smooth dispensing, uniform dispensing, stable sol.
    • Anti-dumping bracket design, safe and convenient.
    • Independent switch design, energy saving and power saving.
    • Ideal for rapid home repairs, holiday decorations, unique gift packaging, creative arts, DIY projects, handmade crafts, etc.
    • The glue gun features plus temperature coefficient (PTC) heating components to prevent overheating, safety power switch, ergonomic grip makes high temperature glue gun safe, comfortable and easy to use.

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