FED – Boxing Gloves

Men Boxing Gloves (1 Pair)

Brand: FED

Model: FED-XM0106

Color: Black

Applicable occasions: Boxing / Sanda / Fitness

Material: Polyester + PU + PE + Polypropylene

Product Size: 290 x 165 x 120mm


    • The Boxing Gloves FED-XM0106 protect your hands and joints when you practice your favorite sport, be it Boxing, HBX, Kick boxing...
    • These 10 OZ boxing gloves are extremely comfortable thanks to their ergonomic design, which adapts perfectly to the shape of your hand, following the natural curves to protect your joints.
    • FED-XM0106 gloves give you better grip on your wrists, as the foam in the glove extends to this area. You can also adapt it to fit more or less tightly thanks to the circular elastic strip around the wrist.

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