Midea – In-Built Oven, Black

Model no:  65L40M0

Brand: Midea

Color: Black

Temperature Range: 50 - 250 °C

Overall Dimensions of (Product):

    • Millimeter (mm): W 595 X D 575 X H 595MM
    • Inch (”): W 23.4” x D 22.6” x H 23.4”

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty


Click here for Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual


Function Description

OVEN LAMP:  Which enables the use to observe the progress of cooking without opening the door. Oven lamp will light for all cooking fucntions.

TOP HEATER: The top heating element is working.

CONVENTIONAL COOKING: Heaters from the upper and the lower side heat the exposed food uniformly. Baking and roasting is possible only at single level.

BUTTON HEATER: Heat is applied only by the bottom side of the oven. Use this option for browning the bottom side of the food. This function is suitable for slow cooking recipes or for warming up meals.

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