Liby – Liquid Detergent

Total Effect & Fresh Fragrance (6 Pieces)

Brand: Liby

Size: 2 Liter


    • Anti-piling.
    • No Residue.
    • Bright as new.
    • Deep cleaning.
    • Protect clothing.
    • Dissolve Quickly.
    • Pleasant Fragrance.
    • Low foaming, Easy rinsing.
    • Mild on Hands & Clothing.
    • Brighten color, purely whiten.
    • Suitable for Cotton, linen, silk, wool, synthetic fibers and blending of various texture clothing, also applies to the infant clothes, lingerie etc. intimate dresses.
    • Main Ingredients: Surfactants, Anti re-deposition agents, Fabric care factor, Builder, color care gene, High grade perfumes.

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