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Midea – Water Purifier with Replacement Filter

Bundle Includes:

#43177 - Water Purifier - x1

Brand: Midea

Model: MC122-2

Color: White

Material: Plastic

Purified water flow: 2L/min

Rated total purified water: 1200L

Applicable water quality: Municipal tap water

Working Pressure: 0.1 ~ 0.4MPa

Operating Temperature: 4 - 38 °C

Packing Size: 20.5 x 18 x 7.2cm

Gross Weight: 460g

Packing Contents:

    • Water Purifier – X1
    • Filter Cartridge – X1
    • Universal Connector – X1
    • Adapters – X6
    • Accessory kit – X1
    • Teflon tape – X1
    • User Manual – X1


    • Long service life.
    • Carbon fiber filtration.
    • Quintuple refined filtration.
    • Carbon fiber bacteriostatic activity.
    • High flow purified water: 2L/min high speed initial flow rate allows you to get a lot of clean water instantly.
    • Quick connection type adapter: The adapter can be easily mounted on majority of threaded faucets.
    • Quick connection type filter: Bayonet type installation, ensuring quick, simple and safe replacement of filter.
    • Patented quick release filter system: The filter cartridge can be removed separately, which is convenient to replace the filter.
    • Carbon fiber filter material: Efficient filtration of impurities in water, heterchrome odor and residual chlorine.
    • Two-level water button: Two water outlet modes, purified water and raw water, more convenient to use water.


#43182 - Water Filter - x1

Carbon Fiber Filter

Lifespan expectancy: 6 – 12 months

Purpose: Efficient filtration of impurities in water, heterochrome, odor and residual chlorine.


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User Manual


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Water Filter

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