Midea - 2-door Refrigerator

Refrigerating Chamber

    • The Refrigerating Chamber is suitable for storage of a variety of fruits, vegetables, beverages and other food consumed in the short term.
    • Cooking foods shall not be put in the refrigerating chamber until cooled to room temperature.
    • Foods are recommended to be sealed up before putting into the refrigerator.
    • The glass Shelves can be adjusted up or down for a proper storage space and easy to use.


Freezing Chamber

    • The low temperature freezing chamber may keep food fresh for a long time and it is mainly used to store frozen foods and making ice.
    • The freezing chamber is suitable for storage of meat, fish, rice balls and other foods not to be consumed in short term.
    • Chunks of meat are preferably to be divided into small pieces for easy access. Please be noted food shall be consumed within the shelf time.


LED Touchscreen Control Panel

Digital display of modern side-by-side refrigerator.

It features:

    • Freezer compartment temperature
    • Refrigerating compartment temperature
    • Vacation icon (Under Vacation Mode, the refrigerating compartment temperature is turned off and temperature area display – the freezer compartment temperature is set at -18°C)
    • Quick Freezing Icon
    • Quick Cooling Icon
    • Lock / Unlock Icon

Brand: Midea

Model: HC-689WEN SS

Color: Inox

Capacity: 510L

Voltage: 220-240V~

Frequency: 50Hz

Rated Current: 1.0A

Rated Power: 170W

Refrigerant: R600a, 75g

Climate Class: T

Type of Preventing from Electric Shock: I

Net weight: 90kg

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty



Width x Depth x Height

Centimeter (cm):

W 89 x D 76 x H 177cm 


Inch ("):

W 35" x D 29.9" x H 69.7"


Feet (ft.):

W 2'11" x D 2'6" x H 5'10" 

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