Mr. Huolang – Furniture Protector

37 Pieces per Package

Brand: Mr. Huolang

Model: HL-1853

Material: Non-woven Fabric

Class: Qualified Products

Set Includes:

    • 65mm Rectangle Shape – X8
    • 20mm Round Shape – X16
    • 25mm Round Shape – X8
    • 40mm Round Shape – X4
    • 115 x 150mm Rectangle – X1


    • Protect your floors from scuffing.
    • Helps your furniture stay in one place.
    • Suitable for glass, metal, tile, vinyl, and wood
    • Avoids damage to walls caused by door handles.
    • Rectangle and circle pads for different furniture types.
    • Can be attached to the table, chairs and other furniture to prevent any damage or scratches.
    • Avoid damage to the surface of furniture when transporting goods, reduce noise and vibration.
    • Includes 37 pieces, many sizes, easy to use and paste.

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