Mr. Huolang – Griller

Brand: Mr. Huolang

Model: HL-6558

Color: Black

Material: Steel

Unfolded Dimension (W x D x H): 58 x 20 x 37cm (22.8” x 7.9” x 14.6”)


    • Foldable Steel Rack – x1
    • Grill Tray – x1
    • Charcoal Tray – x1
    • Protection Charcoal Plate – x1
    • Pull hook clip – x1


    • It is small in size, easy to carry, easy to disassemble and assemble, and simple to operate.
    • The extra-long barbecue panel is scientifically designed, beautiful in appearance, safe and hygienic.
    • The material used for this barbecue grill is thick, and the product is very strong, durable and easy to clean.
    • Remove the griddle from this barbecue grill. The depth of the grill is 20cm. This depth is just right for skewers.
    • This type of barbecue grill adopts dual-track pull-out: the grilling nets can be pulled to both sides of the oven, and the charcoal trays can be pulled to one side, which has the same effect.
    • It is convenient to add water charcoal. It should be noted that when pulling the charcoal tray for adding charcoal, only less than half of the charcoal tray can be drawn out to prevent the charcoal tray from being drawn.

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