Electric Conveyor Toaster

It’s combined with advantages from home and abroad. It is novel in design, reasonable in structure, easy in operation, stainless steel in making, durable in using and convenient in maintenance.

The thermostatic control makes the temperature adjustable freely according to food requirement within a certain range. Therefore, it is the equipment for hotel, supermarket, western restaurant, fast-food restaurant and food industry.

    • The color of bread is controlled through regulating the speed of the conveyor chain.
    • Lead-in net rack is equipped to ensure the smooth loading of the bread.
    • Food receiving tray is equipped to collect the scrap.
    • With both front bread lead-out and back bread lead-out styles gives the benefits to meet the different needs of the users, very easy to operate.

Model: ETT-150

Color: Silver

Material: Stainless Steel

Rated Voltage: ~230V

Rated Frequency: 50Hz

Power: 1.30kW

Dimension: 288 x 418 x 387mm

Net Weight: 12.4kg

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