Targus - 14" Balance™ EcoSmart® Topload with TSA & Sling

The Balance™ EcoSmart® Briefcase was designed with the environment in mind. Its fabric is woven from recycled water bottles, and the bag has nickel- and PVC-free components as well as recyclable zipper pulls.

    • This pack’s thoughtful features helps you move from commute to office to home – and carry your gear — with ease.
    • Weather-resistant materials also fare well against the elements so that your devices, paperwork, and business cards are safe inside.
    • It also boasts protective elements like the SafePort® Sling Plus, which suspends your laptop inside the pack to help protect it from drops, with Targus-quality padding on both the side and front of your device for additional protection.
    • Strategically placed pockets organize your accessories in the workstation and a large compartment at the top of bag is the perfect place to store your power brick.
    • The specially designed Equalizer® strap contours to your left or right shoulder and absorbs shocks while you’re on the go. When you’re making your way through airports, its patented checkpoint-friendly design helps you zip through airport screening without removing your laptop, and it’ll be secure on your rolling luggage thanks to its pass-through luggage strap.

Turning Bottles into Bags

    • On the journey from bottle to bag, plastic water bottles are first shredded into small flakes. Those flakes are re-polymereized into plastic chips that are then heated and spun into yarn. Finally, that yarn is stitched and sewn into the fabric of our EcoSmart bags.

Drop Protection

    • Minor drops and bumps are no problem for this briefcase. Its SafePort® Sling Plus safely suspends your laptop in case it’s dropped. Combined with Targus-quality foam, it provides front and side protection.

A Traveler’s Companion

    • The patented checkpoint-friendly design of this briefcase lets you send your bag through TSA screenings without removing your laptop. Just unzip the central zipper to lay the bag flat.
    • Additionally, the hidden trolley strap slips over the telescoping arm of your luggage for effortless travel.

Contoured Comfort

    • The 15.6” Balance™ EcoSmart® Briefcase is made for comfort. There’s a specially shaped neoprene padded adjustable Equalizer® shoulder strap so that it rests comfortably on your right or left shoulder while you’re walking through the airport or on public transit.

    Brand: Targus

    Model: TBT920AP

    Color: Black

    Material: Nylon, Poly

    Style: Topload / Briefcase

    Protection Type: SafePort® Sling Plus

    Laptop fit: Up to 13.3"

    Dimension (W x H x D): 42.54 x 38.1 x 6.35 cm

    Weight: 1.21kg

    Country of Origin: China

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