UBL - Frying Pan Set

2 Pieces

Brand: UBL

Model: KC0344

Material: Carbon Steel

Set Includes:

    • 19CM (7.4") – Frying Pan - X1
    • 20CM (9.4") – Frying Pan - X1


    • The pan is made of ultra-durable carbon steel, coated with high-grade marble. Good non-stick pan, long use time. 
    • With good anti-stick properties, with fried dishes (eggs, meat, fish ...) you don't need to put too much oil on it, but the dish is still ripe and easy to turn around.
    • Beautiful design. Deep pans make cooking easier. Good heat resistant silicone handle.
    • The set has 2 pans with two different sizes, meeting all your frying and frying needs. 
    • Beautiful pan, quality, affordable. Save you the cost of use.
    • UBL non-stick pan is an indispensable tool in your kitchen.
    • Safe materials in cooking, food processing.

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