Ugur - Single Door Bottle Cooler

Vertical Bottle Cooler

Brand: Ugur

Model: USS 374 DTKLE

Color: White

Volume: 345 Liter

Current (A): 2.7

Energy Consumption: 5.2 kW/24h

Operating Range: +1 / +10 C °

Rated Power: 370W

Rated Voltage: 230V

Rated Frequency: 50Hz

Lamp: 30W

Coolant Fluid: R134a     

Number of Shelves: 5   

Number of Doors: 1


    • Illuminated canopy option.
    • Tempered glass door.
    • Self-closing door.
    • Door lock option.
    • Special interior design to provide high loading capacity.
    • 2 adjustable legs on front and 2 wheels on back.
    • Interior lighting to provide perfect product visibility.
    • Fan-reinforced air circulation to provide more efficient cooling.
    • A model option able to work with Eco-friendly cooling gas R600a or EYS reducing the energy consumption by 50% on average.
    • Wire condenser that reduces the service cost and is maintenance-free.



Width x Depth x Height

External Dimensions:

Centimeter (cm):

W 59.5 x D 64 x H 198cm


Inch ("):

W 23.4" x D 25.2" x H 78"


Feet (') Inch ("):

W 2’ x D 2’1” x H 6’6”


Internal Dimensions: W 50.5 x D 46.2 x H 155.5cm

Packaged External Dimensions: W 61 x D 66 x H 206cm


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Instruction Manual

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