Vatti – Gas Stove

Automatic Electronic Ignition:

    • The gas is ignited by a spark from a special piezo-electric element. No Batteries or matches are needed with the long lasting ignition.

Attractive Top Plate:

    • Attractively designed, made of stainless steel material.

High-Thermal Heat and Efficient Burners:

    • Durable, economical gas burner, designed to give you the ideal cooking for any size and shape of pot, pan or casserole.

Large Trivet:

    • Suitable for both pot, frying pan, and casseroles.

Detachable Burner Cap:

    • Convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

Tripe burner:

    • Two large + One small brass Burner.

Brand: Vatti

Model: 2-11SRB LPG

Color: Silver

Material: Stainless Steel

Number of Burner: Double Burner

Gas Type: LPG

Rated Gas Pressure: 2800Pa

Rated Thermal Flow: 3.4kW  I  4.3kW

Dimensions of Product:

    • Centimeter (cm): W 71 x D 37 x H 10.5cm
    • Inch (”): W 28” x D 14.6” x H 4”

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