Note: This Sample Kitchen is only for Reference.

Kitchen Cabinet Unit: 4 Feet (1200MM) Straight Kitchen, Melamine

Set Includes:

Wall Cabinets

a) W600 (Zbom - Wall Cabinet, 600 X 350 X 700mm), #44595 – X1

b) WEXH600 (Zbom - Wall Cabinet, 600 X 350 X 500mm), #44593 - X1


Base Cabinets

c) B-600 (Zbom - Base Cabinet, 600 X 560 X 775mm), #44566 – X2



d) #44321 - White Quartz Countertop (Cut per Foot) – X5



e) #43229 & 41361 - Sink & Faucet - X1 (Note: Sink & Faucet is out of stock)

f) #42356 – Range Hood - X1 

g) #43592 – Induction Cooktop - X1

h) #41596 - Aluminum Duct - X1


Marine Plywood & Skirting Board

#44337 - Marine Plywood (Kitchen Top Strips) - X2

#44650 - Skirting Corner (Corners) - X2

#44651 - Skirting Corner (Plastic Clips) - X2

#46618 - Skirting Board - X8ft



Price excludes installation charges and the mosaic tiles is not included yet and is separate pricing.

Asters charges Additional MVR 2,410 for Installation.

Wall Cabinets

Width x Depth x Height

a) #44595 - Wall Cabinet, W600

    • Millimeter (mm): W 600 X D 350 X H 700mm
    • Inch (”): W 23.6” X D 13.8” X H 27.6”
    • Feet (ft.): W 2’ x D 1'2" x H 2'4"


b) #44593 - Wall Cabinet, WEXH600

    • Millimeter (mm): W 600 X D 350 X H 500mm
    • Inch (”): W 23.6” X D 13.8” X H 19.7”
    • Feet (ft.): W 2' x D 1'2" x H 1'8" 


Base Cabinets

c) #44566 - Sink Cabinet, B-600 

    • Millimeter (mm): W 600 X D 560 X H 775mm
    • Inch (”): W 23.6” X D 22” X H 30.5”
    • Feet (ft.): W 2' x D 1'10" x H 2'7"

Adjustable Legs Height: up to 100mm


          • d) #44321 - Countertop (Cut per Foot)

        Brand: BN-STONE

        Model: BN-Q1019

        Color: White

        Material: Quartz

          Thickness: 18mm


          Quartz countertops require minimal maintenance and are incredibly strong. They can endure daily stressors without scratching or sustaining damage.

          Quartz countertops offer worry-free maintenance and many other advantages.

            • Durable.
            • Nonporous surface protects against bacteria and germs.
            • Low maintenance and easy to clean.
            • Resists heat, scratches and stains.
            • Colors and patterns stay consistent.


          Kitchen Sink & Faucet

            • e) #43229 & 41361


          Top Mount Single Bowl

          Brand: Dawn

          Color: Silver

          Material: Steel

          Faucet Hole: 3.2cm

          Sink Hole: 9cm

          Dimension of Product (Width X Depth X Height):

            • Millimeter (mm): 480 X 350 X 200mm
            • Inch (”): 18” X 13.8” X 7.9”

          Accessories Included:

            • P-Trap Pipe (PVC) with Drain Kit – X1
            • Basket Strainer Drain – X1


            • Stainless steel for maximum durability, the sink creates a contemporary look for the kitchen.
            • The tight-radius corners and clean lines of the design complement transitional and modern kitchens alike.
            • Deep basins contains splashing and easily accommodate large dishes with ease.



            Kitchen Stainless Steel Faucet, Single Handle

            Color: Silver

            Size (Height): 26.5cm / 10”

            Flexi Hose (2 PCs) Length: 60cm

            Material: Stainless Steel


              • Life shine Brushed Nickle finish resist scratches and corrosion with solid brass construction for durability performance.
              • Single handle design integrate to control water temperature and flow volume easily.
              • Single lever flow control, High-arch Spout and 360 Degree Rotation: offers more convenience for cleaning and washing.
              • High performance ceramic disc cartridge. Drip free smooth and long lasting operation.
              • Comes with Sink Accessories.



              • f) #42356 -Rangehood

            Brand: Vatti

            Model no: F1060

            Color: White

            Rating Voltage: 220-240V

            Rating Frequency: 50Hz

            Motor: 120W

            Bulb: 25W

            Total: 145W

            Air Flow: 210m3/hr

            Accessories Inlcuded:

              • Check Valve – X1
              • Air Outlet Cap – X1
              • Manual Book – X1

            Dimensions of (Product): W600 x D480 x H 85mm


            Induction Cooktop

              • g) #43592 - Induction Cooktop 

            Brand: Midea

            Model: MC-ID351

            Color: Black

            Cooktop Material: Glass

            Rated Voltage: 220-240V

            Rated Power: 3500W

            Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz

            Number of Burners: 2

            Control Type: Touch Control

            Installation Cut-out Size (W x D): 500 x 268mm

            Dimension of Product (W x D x H):

              • Centimeter (cm): 52 x 29 x 7cm
              • Inch (”): 20.5” x 11.4” x 2.8”


              • Induction cooking is a safe, advanced, efficient, and economical cooking technology.
              • It works by electromagnetic vibration generating heat directly in the pan, rather than indirectly through heating the glass surface.


            Aluminum Duct

              • h) #41596 - Aluminum Duct 

            Brand: Vatti

            Model: F1080

            Color: White

            Size: 12 X 150CM / 5” X 5 Feet


              • 5 inch diameter X 5 feet long air duct, Contains corrosion resistant wire helix.
              • Built-in steel wire for reinforcement and lasting performance.
              • Made of thick and durable aluminum, fire-resistance coating foil vent ducting.
              • 5 inch flexible clamps fits fans and vents, simple to keep clean, great for using a diversion vent at temperature range from 0 to 240 + F.
              • Widly used in CO₂ laser engraving and cutting machine , for air bolwer used to Exhaust duct,duct, heat filters, cafeteria, bakery,medical rooms, allergy room, bathroom, greenhouse,tent grow room, air-conditioning the flow, removing heat from an enclosure, distributes CO2,increases temperature & humidity level.

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