Note: Price excludes installation charges.

Zbom – Flip Up Wall Cabinet

1 Flip up Door

Brand: Zbom

Model: WLU600

Color: White

Door Front Panel Surface: UV Laminated Gloss Finished

Door Edge: ABS


    • Door: 18mm MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) with one side white UV,  the other side white melamine finish.
    • Cabinet Frames: 16mm Particle board with both side white melamine finish.
    • Back Panel: 5mm MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) with both side melamine finish.


      • Gloss.
      • UV Protection.
      • Long durability.
      • Equipped with stay hinge.
      • One door flip up wall cabinet.
      • Comes with Wall Hanging Brackets.
      • Single door, no adjustable shelves inside.
      • Door will flip up and stay in the "up" position.
      • Only Front Door is UV Finished and the rest of the sides are Melamine.



    Width x Depth x Height

    Millimeter (mm):

    W 600 X D 350 X H 400mm


    Inch (”):

    W 23.6” X D 13.8” X H 15.7”


    Feet (') Inch ("):

    W 2' x D 1'2" x H 1'4"

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