Zilan – Iron

Shot of steam

    • The shot of steam provides an extra burst of steam for deep penetration of stubborn wrinkles.
    • You can use this feature while Dry of Dteam ironing as long as the Fabric Select Dial is set to wool, cotton, or linen.

Ceramic Soleplate

    • The PTFE and PFOA free ceramic solepate is scratch resistant and generates less static, making it ideal for synthetics and delicate garments.

Vertical Shot of Steam

    • Allows the iron to function vertically as a garment steamer.
    • When using vertical steam, hang clothing on a hanger for best results.
    • Hanging curtain and drapes may also be steamed…

Additional features

    • Indicate Light.
    • Self-Cleaning Setting.
    • Overheat Safety Protection.
    • Dry, Spray & Steam function.
    • Adjustable Thermostat Control.
    • Flexible 360 Degree Swivel Cord Guard.
    • Powerful Burst of Steam & Vertical Steam function.

Brand: Zilan

Model: ZLN2188

Color: Green

Soleplate: Ceramic

Rated Power: 2200W

Rated Voltage: 220 - 240V

Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz

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