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Plant Nutrient (500ml)

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    Model no: PY-2730
    Brand: CH&Q
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    Size: 500ML

    CH&Q – Plant Nutrient

    Brand: CH&Q

    Model: PY-2730

    Capacity: 500ml

    Shelf Life: 36 months

    Main ingredients: N+P2O5+KzO>500g/L   Zn+B, 2g/L-30g/L


    How to use plant nutrient solution?

      • Soil culture watering (1:300): after diluting liquid of 1ml with water of 300ml, water it to the wet soil hole.
      • Hydroponic plants (1:600): After diluting liquid of 1ml with water of 600ml, it can be hydroponically cultivated directly.
      • Foliar spraying (1:400): After diluting liquid of 1ml with water of 400ml, it can be used on large-leaf plants. (note: fleshy and leafy plants are not recommended)
      • The foliar surface is sprayed with wine, and the soil can be washed, irrigated and fertilized.
      • Use interval: 5-10 days in spring and summer, 20-30 days in autumn and winter, good fertilization effect in the morning and evening;
      • It is better to dilute than to thicken: This product is a concentrated solution. It is better to dilute than to thicken when used to avoid burning roots.


    To be Noted:

    Hydroponic addition

    Plant nutrient solution can provide nutrients for plants and promote healthy growth in hydroponics. There is no carrier in hydroponics, so every time you change the water, you need to add nutrient solution again, and change it every 10 days in spring, autumn and winter. Water once, change the water every three days when the temperature is high in summer, and drop 3-4 drops each time.


    Use of spray

    When the plant nutrient solution is sprayed, it is mainly used as a foliar fertilizer for plants with larger leaves. After diluting the nutrient solution with water, use a watering can to spray the foliage or soil on the foliage to supplement nutrients without causing fertilizer damage. Burns roots.


    Mixed soil

    When the plant nutrient solution is used for soil cultivation, it can be mixed with the soil and used as a base fertilizer to promote the root system of the plant to absorb nutrients and provide sufficient nutrients for vigorous growth. It can also be dripped into water to mix evenly topdressing, and the diluted nutrient solution can be poured into the flowers in the basin.


    Matters needing attention

    The plant nutrient solution should be stored in a suitable container, usually glass or plastic containers, and should be diluted according to a certain ratio when used, and it should not be used too much. The frequency is about 10-15 days.

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