Bank Account Details


Asters Pvt LTD,
Bank of Maldives


  1. Cash Customers
  2. Installment customers
  3. Credit Accounts 
1- Cash customers


  • Rufiyaa Account-  7770 000037 635

     below is same number but no spacing so easier to copy so you can paste in BML App



  • US$ Account - 7770 000037 636  

             Viber receipt to: 7206464 (Asters)

    2-Installment Customers

    • Rufiyaa Account - 7701 700760 001 
    • US$ Account - 7701 700760 005 

     3- Credit Customers

    • Rufiyaa Account - 7701 700760 004 
    • US$ Account - 7701 700760 005 

    Steps for cash customers, ie part 1

    Send us bank slip copy

    Contact details of customer, person who will accept goods, if delivering to dhoni then boat crew contacts

    Packing instructions, and any information that would help us ship products fast

    Step 3 - at this point we will raise an invoice and send u a copy of it or give you the invoice number.

    though we confirm products are available, there is no system in place to keep goods on hold. Hence we request you to expedite money transfer as soon as we confirm availability of products. If for any reason we are unable to ship goods a full refund will be provided. Usually take 2-5 days.