Vatti – Aluminum Duct for Range Hood

Brand: Vatti

Model: F1080

Color: White

Size: 12 X 150CM / 5” X 5 Feet


    • 5 inch diameter X 5 feet long air duct, Contains corrosion resistant wire helix.
    • Built-in steel wire for reinforcement and lasting performance.
    • Made of thick and durable aluminum, fire-resistance coating foil vent ducting.
    • 5 inch flexible clamps fits fans and vents, simple to keep clean, great for using a diversion vent at temperature range from 0 to 240 + F.
    • Widly used in CO₂ laser engraving and cutting machine , for air bolwer used to Exhaust duct,duct, heat filters, cafeteria, bakery,medical rooms, allergy room, bathroom, greenhouse,tent grow room, air-conditioning the flow, removing heat from an enclosure, distributes CO2,increases temperature & humidity levels and etc..

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