P.V.C. Insulating Tape (3/4" x 10y)

Brand: Asters

Size: 3/4” X 10y

Width Size: 3/4-inch

Length Size: 10 yard

Color: Assorted Color


    • Asters Tape is a good quality electrical tape, Grade A
    • Due to a elastic tape backing and high quality design of the adhesive, the tape shall be applied to not only conform and produce a uniform covering in long term, but also prevent from flagging.
    • The high quality of Asters Tape provides to relieve your amount of repair work.
    • Cold Resistance: With the fine resistance to cold temperature, the properties of adhesive maintain its quality.


    • Terminal processing of power-cables, wiring and insulation of electrical joints.
    • Protection, binding, and identification of cables and pipes.
    • Protection, repairs, and binding for homes, construction, tying works,
      and other uses.
    • Bundling and repairing automotive wire harnesses.

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