Camry – Food Chopper

  • Accessories Included.
  • The CR4623 blender set is a multifunctional device needs in every kitchen.
  • In addition, the whisk allows you to whip egg white, creams, and whipped cream.
  • The selection of the speed of rotation is facilitated by a smooth regulator and the TURBO function.
  • The food chopper can be used as a hand blender, which will allow you to quickly mix vegetable soup, prepare mayonnaise or sauce.
  • The devices were equipped with working containers:0L bowl, 600ml beaker with a lid and 400ml chopping bowl. All metal accessories have been made from stainless steel.
  • Thanks to the high power of 1600W and numerous accessories, the blender will helpful when blending sauces, creams, mayonnaises, soups for children, and pancake batter.
  • Attached 2 discs are cutting into plasters enabling also cabbage cutting and cutting vegetables into thick or thin chips for healthy salads and granulating potatoes for pancakes.
  • A potato masher helps to make tasty mashed potatoes quickly. Chopper crushes nuts, dried fruits, and vegetables, chopping cubes to facilitate the preparation of vegetable salads and beets for borscht.
  • The set includes a whisk for whipping eggs, creams and whipped cream, a potato puree masher, thanks to which we will prepare vegetable puree, a chopper for chopping nuts and dried fruit, cubic cutter for cubes: 8x8 mm and 11x11 mm, disc for slicing /shredding, disc for granulating potatoes.


Camry – Food Chopper

14 in 1

Brand: Camry

Model: CR4623

Color: Black

Big Bowl Capacity: 2L

Rated Power: 1000W (max. 1600W)

Rated Voltage: 220-240V~

Rated Frequency: 50-60Hz

Material (Blade): Stainless Steel

Material (Bowl): Plastic

Accessories Included:

    • Whisk (Egg beater) – x1
    • Blender foot – x1
    • Puree masher – x1
    • Beaker with lid (600ml) – x1
    • Chopper grinder (400ml) – x1
    • Potatoes granulator – x1
    • Slicer shredder – x1
    • Cubic Custer (8x8mm) – x1
    • Cubic Custer (11x11mm) – x1


    • Hand blender
    • Egg beater
    • Potato puree masher
    • Chopper 400ml
    • Cubic cutter in cube sizes: 8x8mm & 11x11mm
    • Disc for slicing /shredding
    • Disc for granulating potatoes for pancakes

Warranty: 12 Months Warranty


Click here for User Manual

User Manual

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